Why Kohler?



An outage can be a disruptive and inconvenient experience, but with the installation of a home generator, you can stay safe, powered and connected no matter what. Whether it’s whole-home or just a backup source, we have the solutions to keep you feeling secure during an outage. Get in touch with KOHLER generator dealers CT to learn more and get a free estimate today!

They are all about reliability.

Every KOHLER generator CT is meticulously quality-tested from start to finish. First, our engineering team runs hundreds of performance tests during our design process. Everything’s examined — down to the bolt. KOHLER generator dealers in CT can assure you that!

Once the generator design passes Kohler generator service inspection, it’s ready for production. But before it leaves our factory, we put it through the paces one more time. The result is total reliability! You can now rest knowing your standby generator can provide you with trustworthy backup power.

They have a Ph.D in power.

In just 10 seconds, KOHLER generators can automatically power your AC or heat, sump pump and major appliances like your fridge and oven – all at the same time.* We’re talking high-quality power that protects your sensitive electronics from erratic power surges. Local KOHLER generator dealers CT can attest that our generators never fail.

They build them to outlast the outage.

Inside every KOHLER generator CT is a heavy-duty engine built to withstand extreme workloads over many years. These engines are tested and proven in punishing environments, such as industrial construction, that far exceed the demands of standby power. With this equipment, project management has never been easier!

They are trusted everywhere.

Hospitals, nuclear power plants, even the National Weather Service trust in hard-working, long-lasting KOHLER generators. KOHLER generator services are trusted by these big institutions in and out of Connecticut, which shows it is not just for home use but for heavy-duty electrical needs.

That’s why every day, more KOHLER generator dealers CT choose to sell KOHLER. The sales record of our generators, along with the client’s satisfaction, reflects the quality of our product!

They back you with a premium limited warranty.

You get a 5-year, 2,000-hour protection, plus a corrosion-proof enclosure that’s built to last. **

For comprehensive coverage, you can also purchase one of our extended limited warranties—which covers parts, labor and dealer travel for the duration of the 5-year warranty period or you can extend warranty coverage to 10 years. Maintenance and repair are also made easy because of our warranty. Our KOHLER generator dealers CT surely be delighted to give you a good deal!

They are over 100 years old, and only getting better with age.

Kohler built the first modern-day generator in 1920. Since then, they’ve had one simple goal: build the best generators in the world. That is why KOHLER generator dealers CT are more than happy to sell these generators!

Based on generator and load size.

*14- and 20-kW models feature corrosion-proof enclosures; all other models feature corrosion-resistant enclosures.